Truffle Hunting in Monferrato

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Truffle hunting is a unique and fascinating experience that you need to try once in your lifetime! Together with a truffle expert, called "Trifolau", and his dog, you will enjoy a real search for gold. You have to know that in Monferrato and in Piedmont, white truffle is considered a real treasure.

What to expect from Truffle Hunting in Monferrato

At your arrival you’ll be welcomed by the Trifolau and his happy dog who will accompany you through the enchanting  woods.

The experience is not planned, that means that truffles have not been previously dislocated in the woods, so it could take a little bit time before the experienced dog is able to sniff the precious treasure. 

But when the magic happens the emotion is huge. You will start to dig and pull, with the suitable tools provided, to unearth the truffle.

Duration of Truffle Hunting

The part related to the experience in the woods can take from 2 to 3 hours and the reward for your “hard” work will be delicious. At the end you will enjoy a lunch or a dinner with a tasting menu with truffles and mushrooms specialties, pairing with the traditional Monferrato Barbera wine. 

ricerca tartufo piemonte

Tasting menu

Savory puffs filled with robiola, parmesan and truffle cream
Polenta taragna with sautéed porcini mushrooms
Warm toasted bread with truffle butter and anchovies
Mixed canapés

First dishes
Mushroom Lasagna


Pasta tris:
ravioli with Castelmagno cheese, ricotta and truffle
ravioli with porcini mushrooms and sausage
potato gnocchi with truffle cream

Main dish
Fried mushrooms

Truffle chocolates


Wood terrain is flat and the hiking is suitable for everyone, but we suggest you to bring suitable footwear: rain boots or trekking shoes… truffles grow thanks to rain and humidity! 

The experience is seasonal from October to the end of January.

Details, information and what is included in the experience

The meeting time is at 09:30 AM or 2:00 PM.
Here below, for your information, you can find the prices starting for and what is included in Truffle Hunting experience.


per person


Would you like to try the Truffle Hunting

Pamela Provera
Chiara Bargero
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