Monferrato: what to see and experiences to live

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The “wine-growing landscapes of Piedmont” of Monferrato became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2014. But the rolling hills covered with vineyards are only a small part of what Monferrato has to offer.

Discover with us all the best of this land, we promise to let you live experiences that will remain in your heart!

Monferrato: where is it?

Monferrato extends between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, a hilly area of ​​Piedmont that can be easily reached from Turin, Milan and Genoa.

Bounded to the north by the river Po, the region extends southwards to the border with Liguria and, towards the west, with the province of Turin and the territories of Langhe and Roero.

What to see in Monferrato

Monferrato is a territory rich in history, luxuriant nature, a deep food and wine culture and ancient peasant traditions.
In the villages, mainly built with tuff and Cantone stone which give the houses a characteristic colour in shades of yellow, the traces of the Gonzaga, Savoy and Saracens are still present today.

The wineries, the winemaking tradition and the infernots

The culture of wine is very rooted and already during the transition between the Middle Ages and the modern age the specialization of the winemaking practice has been developing more and more. Suitable environments were needed for a properly vinification and conservation of the bottles of wine and in the noble residences of bourgeois families there was no lack of space.

For this purpose, the called “infernot” were built. These underground structures, unique in the world, have contributed to this area being nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All different in shape, structure, depth and decorations, the infernots release so much charm as to leave every visitor speechless. Discover them with us.

The villages and castles of Monferrato

Did you know that Piedmont is the region of Italy with the most castles? Even in Monferrato, there are many ancient fortresses and stately homes that can still be visited today.

Traces of history live again in many towns and villages; small, yes, but full of beauty, sometimes made official by important awards.

Cella Monte was included among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and Rosignano Monferrato was awarded the Orange Flag of Italian Touring Club. Combining a wine tasting tour with a visit to one of the most fascinating villages in Monferrato will make your experience unforgettable!

Despite all these important awards, Monferrato has remained unchanged over the years. Here everything is tradition and “local”. You will not find the classic “tourist” restaurant or extremely inflated places.
All along your stay you will experience a total immersion in Monferrato life.

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